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lea glee

April 2011

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recently i've been thinking about where i stand on a lot of issues. tons of my family in new york think i'm this liberal lesbian who is all for obama. personally, i think i'm actually moderate. not too conservative, not too liberal. and i also do NOT like obama.. not bashing on those who do, he just doesn't cut it for me. and as for being a lesbian? i'm pretty sure i love guys too much for my own good sometimes.. but being that they haven't seen me in years all these are preconceived notions, pretty much..
but the other night i was at my friend's and he made me watch boondock saints. and for the record, it was really good. but it made me think of the death penalty. now i am against the death penalty. my other friend who was there, however, said it was a good thing to kill those people who kill others.. but isn't that contradicting yourself? "oh, this person killed someone so let's kill them." i don't see how that is doing justice. a lot of people "justify" it as there being a REASON to kill a murderer. well, not encouraging murder or anything, but they have reaons, too. sick, twisted, messed-up reasons.. but a reason nonetheless. (for the most part.)
and okay, why let these people sit in jail and use our tax money to keep living? well, considering it costs more to actually send someone to their death so therefore taxes would be RAISED, why not? and because the death penalty is only used for a small number of cases why use it at all? who are we to kill someone? how can you say someone deserves to die?
which brings me to my next point.. the one friend who said it was a good thing is also pro-life. she doesn't believe in abortion and quite frankly, i don't either. but here she was saying that it's okay to kill another human being, but it's wrong to kill an unborn baby?
i don't know.. the whole thing just struck me as hypocritical. i would never say anyone deserves to die. i feel like that would make me just as bad as someone who committed murder, but that's just me.