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lea glee

April 2011

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lucas wells

crunches and crises

so i just did my ab workout because i really need to lose some weight. i thankfully didn't gain the freshman 15, but i bet i did gain he freshman 7.. :|
before my workout i was being kind of a creeper and just realized things.
there's just people that you naturally like. you may not know the person all that well on an emotional level. you may not even hang out with them often but you just can't help but smile when they are mentioned or think about them from time to time.
maybe it's because lately i've been having youtube marathons on a ton of my favorite TV couples. my most recent one being kevin and scotty.
they are just so freaking cute together. they just work.
and i think everyone has someone like that for them.
and there are times when i feel like i have someone like that for me. maybe not the boy i will spend the rest of my life with, but someone i just want to know better.
but then i realize my someone has a someone. who isn't named sara.
and it's okay because i know this kid isn't the man i'm gonna marry and raise a family with, but it's still a little disheartening.
but maybe one day i will find someone worth my time. and maybe he can be the scotty to my kevin. :)